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Title: tommy johnson / ishmon bracey idea
Post by: downthedirtroad on April 21, 2006, 04:02:22 PM
Now that yazoo's remastering process has resulted in amazing improvements on some later paramounts (skip james and son house come to mind)
do you think that, with the subseqent inclusion of an improved slidin' delta on the new compilation cd, and the "I want some one to love me" test pressing, that there is the possibility of remastering tommy johnson and ishman bracey's paramount output for better sound quality or is it just as probable as drawing blood from a stone?

I've heard it mentioned a few times that tommy's paramount recordings were of excellent quality (vis a vis his victor recordings), but most of the stuff on the document reissue is difficult to listen to.
Title: Re: tommy johnson / ishman bracey idea
Post by: uncle bud on April 21, 2006, 07:14:28 PM
I suspect that part of Yazoo's success in remastering is finding better 78 copies. Slidin' Delta being one example. Can't see how that would have been so cleaned up without a better condition record. It's really great too. I for one would love to see a new Tommy Johnson disc from Yazoo working their magic, but I'm not going to hold my breath. But if people keep finding records, who knows.
Title: Re: tommy johnson / ishman bracey idea
Post by: Bunker Hill on April 21, 2006, 11:50:52 PM
I'm told by those who own it that the recently "remastered" Document (with blue cover booklet) sounds far superior to that of the original first issued in August 1990. Can anybody comment?

CD mastering technology has moved on a pace in 16 years so perhaps Document have attempted to keep up with it. ;D
Title: Re: tommy johnson / ishman bracey idea
Post by: downthedirtroad on April 22, 2006, 09:34:39 AM
I do own the recent reissue of the Document CD - and while of good sound quality, is litterally night and day when compared to  the possiblilities offered by the recent yazoo remaster of Slidin Delta.  While i realize that some of the extant 78s do in fact suffer from terrible condition, I was just posing the question given that from what I recall in the recent reissues I own (eg: skip james - hard time killing floor blues on Yazoo) the mastering process of Richard Nevins in the past couple years has resulted in a significant improvement of sound quality over often terrible condition 78s (eg: skip james, son house). Would that benefit a recording like Alcohol and Jake Blues, I Wonder to Myself or his Black Mare Blues ?
Title: Re: tommy johnson / ishman bracey idea
Post by: btasoundsradio on April 22, 2006, 11:02:58 AM
Does anyone know if anything will be done with the metal mother of Devil Got My Woman that Alex Van Der Tuuk has?
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