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Title: John Miller calls him a genius and this study takes him serious
Post by: mtzionmemorialfund on September 03, 2018, 04:38:12 AM
www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk/ (http://www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk/)

BO CARTER: T. DeWayne Moore?s extensive overview of the life and recordings of pre-war bluesman Bo Carter as a soloist and with the Mississippi Sheiks.

Extending back into the Civil War to Polk Chatmon, the father of Henderson Chatmon, and forward to his grandson Miles Floyd, this article is a serious examination of the most serious recording artist from MS of the pre-WWII era. He recorded from 1928-1940 and never stopped performing in some capacity despite a debilitating case of cataracts stealing his sight slowly over time. Whereas most historical writing depicts him as an unprofessional jokester who met with a most gloomy end, this piece dredges up every single interview that mentions the most famous Chatmon brother, disproves the fantastic claims of his kin, and provides a cogent picture of this master guitarist who another master guitarist recognized as the genius of the country blues.  This is the study of Armenter Chatmon and the Chatmon family that all future studies must engage with if at all serious about their subject.

www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk/ (http://www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk/)

Also in this issue of B&R:

GOSPEL QUARTETS ? Sacred And Secular:  Ray Templeton looks at 1940s Gospel Quartets who recorded rhythm and blues sides including The Dixieaires and The Selah Jubilee Singers

A FAMILY AFFAIR: Billy Vera on Effie Smith and he musical family who not only recorded as R&B artists but also acted as producers and owned record labels

RARE CAJUN NUGGETS: Great two page feature on rare and unique Cajun 78rpm discs by Lyle Ferbrache.

PLUS: Stuart Colman; Charles Neville; Yvonne Staples; Tony Allen; James Harman; The Cleftones; Johnny Cash;  Words, Words, Words; Under The Radar; CD, DVD, & Book Reviews
Title: Re: John Miller calls him a genius and this study takes him serious
Post by: kinsuk on September 08, 2018, 02:55:39 PM
thank you prof
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