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Title: Stella 12 String For Sale
Post by: ragmonkey on July 16, 2017, 03:30:58 PM
I bought the guitar off Neil Harpe  4,- 6 years ago, sometime around then. If you go to the Stella youtube site, he's wearing shorts playing the one that I bought.  I think I paid $600 for it w/ the case. The action gets high around the 7th-8th fret. I keep it tuned a whole step down. It sounds good! there's no stickers or identifying marks inside that I noticed.  Neil painted the leaves and flowery stuff below the sound hole, he did a nice job. It's a  smaller birch body 12 string, which is what I wanted but I have too may guitars and not enough room. I'll sell it for less than I paid. I live in Connecticut right off Interstate 95 near the Connecticut River if anybody wants to stop by and take a look., If course, I'll ship it at cost.
I've got photos, but they're too large to attach, if interested let me know and I'll send them.