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Title: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: CF on November 13, 2014, 09:33:32 AM
Hey gang I got around to compiling digital complete collections of Lemon, Patton & Blind Blake trying to use the best possible transfers in my collection.
In the case of Blind Blake, most of his recorded appearances can be found on either the 'complete' Document & JSP collections. Neither of these collections include all of Blake's appearances as an accompanist nor do they include the recent, almost miraculous discovery of Blake's long lost final records.
So I'm going for true completeness & also for best possible sound.
Richard Nevins' work with Yazoo & John Tefteller's Calendar CDs present the best current transfers to my ears & I've used these when possible.
I used JSP's complete ('All The Published Sides') as I found Blake's vocals are served better by their transfer . . . which may be just an EQing of the Document release.
I took screen grabs of the chronologically listed songs with the album source to the right.
This is a work in progress but I thought I'd share what I came up with so far.
Any corrections or suggestions or impressions most welcome!

PS when I have the time I will type this up into a more workable document
Title: Re: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: CF on November 13, 2014, 09:34:47 AM
 . . . & the rest of the screen grabs
Title: Re: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: EddieD on May 02, 2015, 10:07:51 AM
Great stuff! I have been on quite the Blind Blake binge lately. I see a few songs I am missing some I knew about and some I didn't know about.
Title: Re: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: EddieD on May 02, 2015, 10:40:55 AM
Also check out the mix on The Rough Guide To The Blues: Blind Blake. It's a 2 CD set the first disc is all Blake and the sound quality is the best I have heard for all the tracks on it. There is nothing on this release not on your list. I thought it was worth mentioning just because you were trying to find the best transfers. Disk 2 of this release would not be of use to this project. It's various artists influenced by Blake and some from around the same period as Blake. It would be extra work that isn't really needed but if you get a chance to listen to it let me know how you think it compares.
Title: Re: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: EddieD on May 02, 2015, 12:29:38 PM
http://www.wirz.de/music/blakefrm.htm (http://www.wirz.de/music/blakefrm.htm)

There is quite an impressive amount of info on all Blind Blake recordings and releases at that site. You may find some info on there helpful or you may not. haha, either way it's a great resource.
Title: Re: Chronological Blind Blake
Post by: Bed Bug Bill on May 02, 2015, 01:57:00 PM
yes,it's the best way to study any of the country blues guys,and then,if you can,compare to what else was hip at that time....other players,current events,dance crazes etc....gives a clearer picture.Like with Jazz,they're all,influencing and ripping each other off.
You get a lot of info from 78's ,not found on records and c.d.s.Unfortunately,I only have one Blake left,
Police Dog Blues/Diddie Wa Diddie...............just imagine....Diddie was the B side !!!!!!!!!
Police Dog is credited to Blake/Lamoore.....an alias for one of the Paramount crew...I think...The usual trick,for ripping off an artist.
And Diddie is credited to Davis....never could find out who he was.
The guitar on my record is really strong,despite the poor condition,I'm convinced that they recorded him as a guitar freak or guitar novelty act,and not just another blues singer..
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