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Robert Pete Williams--Playing Positions and Tunings

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David Kaatz:
I don't know if you are attempting to be a completist here with your list of RPW tunes, but I have one from a compilation, that isn't listed here.
On My Way To Texas key of B minor. I haven't done enough studying/playing along to ID the tuning/shape he is using. I'm just playing from a Bm shape at the 7th fret.

Recorded Newport 1964 according to this YT listing:

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the tune. I didn't have access to the recording that one was on, but I guess you don't need that now, with youtube making so many things available. Robert Pete is playing out of A position in standard tuning here, so he's either tuned a whole step high or has a capo on the second fret. I suspect the first option.
All best,


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