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Get off my lawn? Corey Harris' blog post "Can White People Play the Blues?"

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Saw this post by way of Dom Flemons' Facebook page:

I've been turning it over for a few days and still haven't made up my mind. I've been a big consumer of his video lessons at SonicJunction but am feeling played for a chump. If his heart lies where the blog post seems to indicate, why bother to teach?

One-Eyed Ross:
I'd hate to think it was all about the Benjamins

Its been in in discussion elsewhere and after some thought I believe he's entitled to teach whoever wants to learn from him, he's entitled to his opinions, whether or not anyone finds them extremist, his religious beliefs, and Afrocentric orientation and to define himself.

I unfriended him on facebook  a while back because I found his posts extremist and they cast a shadow over his teachings IMHO. Learning from a teacher involves trust for me to be able to learn from him/her and I would not be able to with him. 

One-Eyed Ross:
I will admit that there are aspects of the "blues" that are impossible for me to understand.  However, most of the "woman done me wrong" type songs are common to every race/religion/ethnic origin.  Part of the reason that the blues appeals to every culture is the universal aspect of broken hearted, life treating me badly, nothing ever comes out right.

We still sing songs that are hundreds of years old, and know of many recent songs that will fall into that group.  200 years from now, people will still be singing the Beatles songs....I doubt you'll find people hanging around the piano singing "Thriller" - although they might still be doing the dance routine once a year.

well, he'll certainly get views posting stuff like that.

Kinda funny to be schooled about blues culture by a guy from Denver.

edited to add: and I definitely DO realize that pointing that out tilts toward the "ad hominem"


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