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Composer/ publisher credits of the song: Don't You Leave Me Here

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Hi fellow Country Blues fans
I need to know the composer/ publisher credits of the song:
 Don't You Leave Me Here?
A version by myself is included on a new CD and I need to finalise this very soon.
As I no longer have the? vinyl? I learnt it from in the 70s
I am thinking it's most likely Pappa Harvey Hull of Sunny Boy and His Pals who also did France Blues.
It's definitely not the Jelly Roll Morton song of the same name as I have a copy of this.
I am including some of the lyrics to help with identification. It's similar but not the same as Don't Ease Me In by Henry Thomas. and amazon had no mp3s for me to verify this

Could any one who knows this song please help me verify the composer
The lyrics may have altered over the years through my performance of them (the folk process in work)
cheers yayayas

Don't You Leave Me Here

Don't you leave don't you leave
Don't you leave me here
Well it's all night long, come anyhow
Leave a dime for beer.

How long, how long
Has the train been gone
How long, how long, sweet loving babe, has the train been gone.

Alabama bound, I'm a Alabama bound
And if the ship don't sink and the stack/shack burn down
Alabama bound

She brought me coffee, she brought me tea,
She brought me everything seet lovin babe but the jailhouse key? ? ?

Katy Addams got ways
Just like a man
Well she steals a woman sweet loving babe every where she lands

uncle bud:
Papa Harvey Hull and Long "Cleve" Reed as the Down Home Boys do this with the lyrics you've got here more or less.

This is one that probably falls under "Traditional" though, isn't it?

Henry Thomas did a version in the 1920's called "Don't Leave Me Here", which he later did as "Don't Ease Me In".


Welcome to the forum madmike!

thanks for the prompt response uncle bud and madmike
yes I suppose I could put Trad Arranged....
there are many other early blues songs on my cd were the same thing may apply
if thecomposer hasn't been dead for 50 years then I should make sure royalties are sent to the right person.
I'd still like to give credit to the original composer though this song definitely seems like a folk song that various people have addapted.
I might post a list of the songs for input regarding authorship and when the author died if people are willing to help


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