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uncle bud:
Teddy Williams' Catfish Blues is on Mississippi Delta Blues - Blow My Blues Away Vol 1 from Arhoolie, which is out of print but apparently still available through the Arhoolie website here, until they run out of copies. So contact them quick.

Thanks John "Catfish Blues" is a great tune I'm going to have to learn to play it.
Bud thanks for clearing up my confusion "Catfish Blues" isn't listed on "Blow My Blues Away" at Amazon but it is at Arhoolie.


--- Quote ---Someone suggested I listen to the Juke to save money, I can't get it in my truck!
--- End quote ---

Hey Gary, that someone, who shall remain unnamed  :P was pulling your leg.  Listening to the juke will only make you  want to you buy more CDs!

And who says you cannot get the Juke in your truck?

('course it may be more expensive than buying CDs ;) )



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