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Covers of "Don't Fish In My Sea"

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All the recent talk of covers/interpretation has my meager skull-cogs turning - what if were were all to do a cover of a particular song and post it on the Back Porch?  I'm thinking that we could agree on the same song, as that would give us all a common frame of reference, and would probably best allow us to appreciate the various liberties taken with the song. 

For better or worse, I think most of us are guitar players - what if we started with a song that either had no guitar at all or a negligible guitar part?  I'd prefer it if the song had words, although recasting the tune as an instrumental would be fair game, I suppose.

What about a song from the 'classic blues' canon - lika a Ma Rainey or Bessie Smith?  Might be fun to mess around with one of those - Blind Lemon and Charlie Patton seem to have had their way with a few songs from that bag!

A similar project was undertaken among members of on more than one occasion, with interesting results.


Ramblin' Frank:

Hmm, interesting. I'm game.

Well, How 'bout Bessie Smiths's "Nobody Knows you When You're down and out", originally done with an jazz orchestra, Or Little Brother Mongomery's "No Special Rider Blues", a piano tune. Two just off the top of my head.


Hi Frank,
This seems like a really neat idea to me, and a good way to generate some new ideas and see what people come up with.  I'm all ears.
All best,

uncle bud:
Very interesting idea. I have no immediate suggestions other than I like the Ma Rainey/Bessie Smith idea in that it generally means people would have to come up with a guitar arrangement from (mostly) band or piano accompaniment. I was just listening to Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Yazoo) the other night thinking it would be cool to try to do something with some of these tunes. Don't Fish in My Sea, for example. Sounds like something Blake might adapt. I'd have to vote no on "Down and Out" though. Too common a cover. Don't you already play this, Alex? I seem to remember you doing some nice picking on this tune, but maybe I'm confused. If so, that would be cheatin', wouldn't it? ;)? >:D

Will think more about this. Could be great fun.

BTW, I don't know if we have this in the links yet (as moderator I should know this and will check) but is a very nice site for early jazz with lots of realaudio tracks of early stuff, including Ma and Bessie.

You're Devil. Mr. Bud.



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