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Greetings Weenies and other Dignitaries,

Country Blues still doesn't pay, so it is time to make a little fund rasing effort.  I realize these are not the best of economic times, but some help is needed to offset the costs of operating the site.  

Since last fall we've added 1 gigabyte of host space in order to accomodate the continued uploading of mp3 and jpeg files. We are now close to being out of space again and each 500 megabytes of space is an addtional charge from our host. We consider the storage of these files as past to f the resource WeenieCampbell has become and don't want to delete any of them, even the very old ones. WeeniePedia was added about a year and a half ago - it takes up quite a bit of storage space as well.

In January we reconstituted Weenie Juke Radio.  Our membership in audio host 'Loudcity' has allowed us to lower the overhead and the work involved in operating an internet radio station, but LoudCity does not give us the exposure to new contributing members we once enjoyed in the Juke's former incarnation. The Juke has become more of a website radio station, which is fine with us, Loudcity has provided near perfect service.

We do have new incentives and re-organized some old incentives.  Phil Hawkins has generously didgintized another 2-CD set from his 78 collection, this time of Rare and Unusual Post War Blues.  I will attach Phil's track listing and notes to this post.  We also have a 'new' Weenie Juke case sticker some of you may have missed.  The new incentive plan from the Donation Page: (the Weenie Fly Swatters are no more..)

Make any donation and I will send you a couple of coveted, hip and cool Weenie Case Stickers. Make a donation of $20 - $39 and you have a choice between two great 2-CD sets: pick either Rare and Unusual Pre War Country Blues OR Rare and Unusual Post War country blues. CD sets were generously donated by Phil Hawkins and digitized from his 78 record collection. A donation of $40 or more will bring you both sets, 4 CDs, 98 tracks in all!

Thank you all for your support and continued participation in WeenieCampbell!

Forgot to post the track listings:

Post War - Disk 1

1)Baby Chile is from the second recording session of noted blues singer Jimmy "T99" Nelson.  Recorded in Oakland, in 1949 on the rare Oakland, Olliet label.

2)I'm A Stranger Here, 3)I Used To Love A Woman, 4)Strangest Blues, are early Oakland recordings of blues vocalist Jimmy Wilson featuring Lafayette Thomas on guitar. Recorded in Oakland, 1948 (track 2),   and 1954 (tracks 3 & 4)

5)Drove From Home Blues, 6)Good Road Blues, 7)Alley Special, are the complete issued sides of Texas bluesman, Wright Holmes. Recorded in Houston  in 1947. An interesting  link between  prewar  country bluesmen and postwar bluesmen like John Lee Hooker.

8 )Quinsella, although credited to Wright Holmes, is actually  blues vocalist and harmonica player, Sonny Boy  Johnson. Recorded in Los Angeles, 1947.

9)Soon One Morning, 10)Come On Baby, Now are from the first recording session of Rocky Fuller (real name, Iverson Minter), also known  as Louisiana Red, although,  raised in Pittsburgh.... I'm beginning to see a pattern here.  Recorded in Chicago, 10/13/1952.

11)About To Lose My Mind, 12)Which One Do I Love, are by Chicago blues vocalist and guitarist, Arthur "Big Boy" Spires. Recorded in Chicago, 1/17/1953.

13)Please Mam Forgive Me, 14)Excuse Me Baby, are by vocalist, guitarist, Sunny James (real name, Jesse James) with Thunder Smith on piano. Recorded in Houston, 1948.

15)You Deceived Me, 16)Blunston's Boogie is by well known blues composer , singer, musician, Jimmy  McCracklin (real name, James David Walker)  with blues pianist David Blunston. Recorded in Los Angeles 1946. Track 16,  is a solo work by David Blunston, probably recorded the same day. This is the only recording date I could find for David Blunston.

17)Hurry, Hurry, Baby, 18)Everything Is Wrong, by blues vocalist and harmonica player, Sidney Maiden. Recorded in Los Angeles, 6/28/55.

19)No One To Love Me, by Leroy "Country" Johnson. Recorded in Houston, 1949.

20)I'm Looking For A Woman, 21)Rough Treatment, are by  vocalist, guitarist, Little Hudson (Hudson Showers). Recorded in Chicago, 1/31/1953.

22)Log House On The Hill, by Leroy "Country" Johnson. Recorded in Houston, 1949.

23)Sak-Relation Blues, 24)Ugly Woman Blues, are by vocalist, guitarist Sylvester Cotton, of which there seems to be nothing  known, other than that he was in Detroit in 1948. Recorded in Detroit, 10/1/1948 for "Sak-Relation Blues" and, 9/30/1948, for "Ugly Woman Blues".

25)Between Midnight And Dawn is a post-war recording by well known pre-war, Mississippi, vocalist, guitarist, Johnnie Temple. Recorded in Chicago, 1950.

Post War - Disk 2

1)God's Mighty Hand, 2)I Want Two Wings, are by the Guitar evangelist, Rev. Utah Smith. One of the first sacred singers to play electric guitar, Rev. Smith, after traveling around much of the country settled in New Orleans in the early 1950's. Recorded; NYC, June 1944.

3)Suffer, 4)I Can't Last Long, are by well known Florida bluesman and Harlem street singer Gabriel Brown. The bulk of his early recordings were done in the late forties for the independent Joe Davis label. However, this was recorded for the mainstream Coral label, 8/3/1949, NYC.

5)Good Boy, is from the first recording session of Virginia bluesman, Alec Seward and North Carolina bluesman, Louis Hayes,  released under the pseudonym, "Blues King". Recorded; April, 1944, NYC.

6)Brown Skinned Woman, 7)Ain't Nothin But A Child, are by Mississippi born bluesman, Sunnyland Slim, real name,  Albert Luandrew, with Robert Lockwood Jr. on guitar. Recorded; 12/9/1951, Chicago.

8 )Just Can't Say, 9)All By Yourself, Willie Nix vocal with an allstar group; Snooky Pryor, harmonica; Sunnyland Slim, Piano and Eddie Taylor on guitar. Recorded; 10/14/1953, Chicago.

10)Telephone Blues, 11)Blues In The Dark, are the first recordings of influential harmonica ace, "Little George" Smith. Recorded; August, 1955, Kansas City, Mo.

12)Cool Playing Blues, 13)Wrong Blues, are by veteran Texas vocalist, pianist, Curtis Jones. Recorded; 5/19/1953.

14)Nashville After Midnight, 15)Back Alley Boogie, are the first recordings by obscure Southern bluesman Sherman "Blues" Johnson. Recorded; 1951, Nashville.

16)Big Timing Woman, 17)Night Working Woman, are the only recordings of obscure bluesman, Ernest McClay. Recorded; 1948, Los Angeles.

18)Texas Blues, 19)Gonna Write You A Letter,  Although born in Logansport, Louisiana; the younger brother of Ramblin' Thomas, both are primarily known as Texas bluesmen. Jesse Thomas studied music theory and sight reading and played as a pick-up jazz and R&B guitarist. But these sides are clearly dedicated to his roots as a country bluesman.

20)Rosalee, 21)Bull Dog Blues,  And yet another obscure bluesman, Luther Huff probably from Mississippi. These are the only issued sides from the second session and only two other sides were issued form the first session. Both sessions are listed as Luther Huff, vocal/guitar with Percy Huff, guitar. recorded; 2/21/1951, Jackson, Ms.

22)Bad Hangover, 23)Fish Tail Blues, by Square Walton. An interesting line-up on these sides by another obscure bluesman, that at least, managed to record on a major label. The sidemen include, Sonny Terry on harmonica and Mickey Baker on guitar. Recorded; 8/27/53, NYC.

24)Come To Me Baby, 25)You Can't Make The Grade, Records by James "Beal Street" Clark, are not particularly scarce and are probably  more interesting to R&B fans than blues fans,  this one , however,  features a young Muddy Waters;  a good year before he made his first historic sides for Aristocrat records.

..and the Pre War Disks:


  1. Rev. P.W. WILLIAMS assisted by Samuel Alexander Sanctified Singers
      Testifying Meeting Pt. 1,  Paramount 12742-A,  12/28
  2. Rev. P.W. WILLIAMS assisted by Samuel Alexander Sanctified Singers
      Testifying Meeting Pt. 2,  Paramount 12472-B,  12/28
  3. MEMPHIS SANCTIFIED SINGERS (w/Bessie Johnson, Will Shade-guitar)
      He Got Better Things For You,  Victor 38559-B,  10/1/29
  4. MEMPHIS SANCTIFIED SINGERS (w/Bessie Johnson, Will Shade-guitar)
      The Great Reaping Day,  Victor 38559-A,  10/1/29
      Tell It Over Again,  Vocalion 1444,  11/23/29
      Sin Is To Blame,  Vocalion 1444,  11/23/29
      I Can't Tarry,  Robin 106
      Every man's Got To Lay Down And Die,  Robin 106
   9. CLARENCE WHITE (Blind Street Singer), J. Butler-guitar
       Stand By Me,  Jaxyson 5-B
 10. CLARENCE WHITE (Blind Street Singer), J. Butler-guitar
       Well Done,  Jaxyson 41-A
       I'll Overcome Some Day,  Okeh 8904,  12/17/30
       You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door,  Okeh8904,
 13. VOL STEVENS  (Will Weldon-guitar)
       Vol Steven's Blues,  Victor 21356-A,  10/20/27
 14. VOL STEVENS  (Will Weldon-guitar) 
       Baby Got The Rickets,  Victor 21356-B,  10/20/27
 15. COLMAN AND HARPER, (Evans and McClain the Two Poor Boys)
       Old Hen Cackle,  Romeo 5095-A,  5/20/31
 16. COLMAN AND HARPER, (Evans and McClain the Two Poor Boys)
       Sourwood Mountain,  Romeo 5095-B,  5/21/31
 17. MISSISSIPPI MATILDA (Sonny Boy Nelson & poss. Willie Harris Jr.-guitars)
       Hard Working Woman,  Bluebird 6812-A,  10/15/36
 18. MISSISSIPPI MATILDA (Sonny Boy Nelson & poss. Willie Harris Jr.-guitars)
       Happey Home Blues,  Bluebird 6812-B,  10/15/36
       T. P. Railer,  Jaxyson 50-A
       Lonesome Blues,  Jaxyson 50-B
       Boggie In The Park,  Phillips 9002
       Gotta Let You Go,  Phillips 9001
 23. KING NAWAHI (Hawaiian Beach Combers)
       Honolulu Bound,  Van Dyke 84297 (b)
       Tickling The Strings,  Columbia 2138-D,  1/30/30


 1.  R. GREEN & TURNER   Los Angeles, Ca. 1948
     Alla Blues,  J & M Fulbright 123
 2.  R. GREEN & TURNER   Los Angeles, Ca 1948
     Central Ave. Blues,  J & M Fulbright 123
 3.  BACK PORCH BOYS (Alec Seward, Louis Hayes) NYC, 1947?
     Big Hip Mama,  Apollo 392
 4.  BACK PORCH BOYS (Alec Seward, Louis Hayes) NYC,  1947?
     King Kong Blues,  Apolo 392
 5.  JACK KELLY and his SO. MEMPHIS JUG BAND   NYC, 8/1/33
     Ko Ko Mo Blues,  Meletone M12812
 6.  JACK KELLY and his SO. MEMPHIS JUG BAND   NYC, 8/1/33
     Believe I'll Go Back Home,  Meletone M12812
 7.  BO CARTER  Alanta, Ga.  10/24/31
     New Auto Blues,  Columbia 14671
 8. BO CARTER  Alanta, Ga.   10/25/31
    You Keep Spending My Change,  Columbia 14671
 9. PEARL DICKSON w/PET & CAN   Memphis, Tenn.  12/12/27
    Twelve Pound Daddy,  Columbia 14286
10. OTIS HARRIS  Dallas, Tex. 12/8/28
    You'll Like My Loving,  Columbia 14428
11. OTIS HARRIS  Dallas, Tex.  128/28
    Waking (sic) Blues,  Columbia 14428
12. LILLIAN GLINN  Atlanta, Ga.  4/9/29
    Atlanta Blues,  Columbia 14421
13. LOUSIANA JOE and SLIM  Richmond, Ind.  6/10/29
    Crossin' Beale Street,  Champion 15774-A
14. KING MUTTand his TENNESSEE THUMPERS  Richmond, Ind. 2/12/29
    Good Time Mama,  Gennett 6844-A
    My Ozark Mountain Home,  Columbia 15754
    Corn Dodger No.1 Special,  Columbia 15754
17. BESSIE SMITH  New York City,  6/11/31
    Shipwreck Blues,  Columbia 14663
18. "BILL" WILBER (Joe McCoy/Willie Lofton) Chi, Il.  7/22/35
    My Babe My Babe,  Champion 50053 A
19. "BILL" WILBER (Joe McCoy/Willie Lofton) Chi, Il.  7/22/35
    Greyhound Blues,  Champion 50053 B
    Back And Side Blues,  Champion 50064 A
    Weary Worried Blues,  Champion 50064 B
22. CHARLIE WHITE  Oakland, Ca. 1948
     How Long?,   Jaxyson 23A
23. GEORGE NOBLE  Chi, Il.  3/20/35
     If You Lose Your Good Gal-Don't Mess With Mine,  Melotone 7-06-75
24. GEORGE NOBLE  Chi, Il.  2/11/35
     The Seminole Blues,  Melotone 7-06-75

Bunker Hill:
As one who makes constant use of the Juke by having it playing whilst I perform endless, mundane typing activities at the throne of the "one-eyed monster", I thought I?d just bring this back to our collective consciousness.  A few bucks in support of the Juke seems like a bargain to me........

I am glad to support WeenieCampbell and can't wait to hear the CDs!  You Weenies out there, fork out $20 or more, support WeenieCampbell and you'll get to hear a lot of very cool music on those compilations.  Some of it is stuff I've heard, but by no means all.  If you have a Paypal account, it's super easy and if not, it's not difficult to put a check in the mail.  Do it today, please!
Suzy T.


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