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Tefteller's 2005 calendar


I needed some new strings, so I tacked this onto my order from Elderly - pretty nice stuff!  Some of it's a little dopey, I guess - like injecting Son House's (clearly anachronistic) photo into 1920's artwork, but for the most part it's well done.  Clear reproductions of period advertisments, notable birth/death dates, and a CD that has a couple of nuggets peppered among stuff most of us probably have - notably King Solomon Hill's "My Buddy, Blind Papa Lemon" and Blind Joe Reynolds "Ninety-nine Blues".  Makes we wish I'd bought the 2004 calendar!


--- Quote --- Makes we wish I'd bought the 2004 calendar!
--- End quote ---

I told you guys it was nice! <g>

Thanks for the heads up, will pick up the 2005.

If Quimper is on the ball they'll have a stack at camp, eh? Yeah, I  was glad I got the 2004 issue. Geez, according to mine, I'll be at Pre Soak in exactly one week!
All for now.
John C.

uncle bud:
I was pleasantly surprised to find this at my local CD joint and snapped it up. I made the mistake of not getting the last one, so thought I'd remind people to look for this. Great blues artwork from the 20s, lots of "blues dates", and a CD with the 12 songs on the calendar, plus four bonus tracks of previously unreleased material (though I think some of them may have since made it onto Yazoo compilations). The first of these is King Solomon Hill's My Buddy, Blind Papa Lemon which is probably the best dead blues buddy song I've heard, very much in the usual King Solomon Hill style, very cool. Next is Blind Joe Reynolds' Ninety Nine Blues. I've never got into his other tracks much but this one is more songster-ish and seems to me a really great addition to the CB catalog. Playing out of C position, I believe, simple enough but unusual, funky-sounding guitar part, and a great vocal. The other two tracks are from the Memphis Jug Band, You Gotta Have That Thing and Bottle It Up And Go. I love the Memphis Jug Band and while these are welcome to the completist in me, they have lots better stuff out there. The MJB at their noisiest (lots of washboard, bells, cymbals). You've got to listen carefully through the drunken percussion to hear the fun arrangements.

Anyway, this is a no brainer purchase, IMO. Great calendar and a CD for less than $20.

Thanks for the heads up on this calendar.  I just bought mine from Elderly a few days ago. It looks great!  O0 Bg


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