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Faculty list has been posted ... new and old faces ... the list includes two sons of country blues royalty, Josh White Jr. and Little Pink Anderson.

Hi all:

Nice to see Del back (although on uke) and Phil of course.

Otherwise extremely underwhelming IMHO.


Suzy T:
Just got added to faculty for Port Townsend 2020, I'll teach fiddle and -- something else, maybe a string band blues class.  Looking forward to it as always, and especially to being there at the same time as Del Rey -- it's been many years since we've been there together.

Centrum just made it official ... we'll have to wait until 2021 to attend the Fiddle Tunes and Blues workshops.

Everyone please take care and hunker down. Above all, be patient as the situation plays out.


Suzy T:
Yes, it's true, and they've invited everyone scheduled for 2020 to be there for 2021 instead.  Centrum has cancelled ALL their summer workshops for this year.  It was not unexpected but still sort of a shock!  I will miss seeing everyone, Blues Week is the happiest week of the year for me.


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