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Hi all,
I will be on the faculty at Port Townsend at the summer session in 2019 after a number of years not teaching there.  As a result of teaching at Port Townsend, I will not be at Euro Blues Week in 2019.  I hope to see some old friends at Port Townsend, as well as meeting new ones and meeting many of the teaching staff for the first time.
All best,

Suzy T:
I will also be on the faculty -- I'll be teaching blues fiddle (Coleman Aiken will also teach blues fiddle) and I'm also going to be doing a band lab class with Jim Kweskin!  We co-taught at another camp last year and it was great fun.

Also excited to see that Cedric Watson will be teaching blues accordion.  He is a brilliant musician, a great Creole fiddler as well as a wonderful accordion player.

Tell your fiddling friends to sign up, this is going to be an extra-good year for fiddles at Blues Week!

I'm looking forward it.  If you haven't attended, it's a lot of fun with like minded folks, great musicians and teachers.  Hope to see some fellow Weenies there.

Anyone else going to Port Townsend this year?


JohnM told me that you would be coming this year, looking forward to meeting you!



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