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Steve James and Albanie Falletta


For those Seattle area Weenies who are not on Steve's email list . . .

June 22nd
Concert at Hillman City Collaboratory (5263 Rainier Av. S. at Orcas)  8pm start
Donation at the door $10-20
SJ shares the bill with the irrepressible  Albanie Falletta, NOLA based guitarist
and singer in town for Centrum Voice Works.  One night only?and fun! 

Don't need to post a vid showing Steve's skills, here's one of Albanie if you don't already know about her:

It was a great show last night. Albanie played the first set, accompanied by Lauryn Gould on washboard and sax and Lauryn's husband Ryan on bass. Steve played the second set and was stellar as always.

Here are links to Albanie's, Lauryn's and Ryan's websites:

As Lindy mentioned, the concert was at the Hillman City Collaboratory and organized (for lack of a better word) by The Rhapsody Project.

A little while ago we were discussing how to make more young people aware of and engaged in the music we love. The people at The Rhapsody Project and The Hillman City Collaboratory appear to have found a way.


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