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Roots of American Music Camp/Workshop, Mars Hill, June 24-30, 2018


Suzy T:
This brand new camp isn't strictly blues, but you know there will be PLENTY of the music you like, because the staff is:  Del Rey, Ernie Hawkins, me (Suzy Thompson) and three other musicians who are superb in the old-time and bluegrass genres:  Alice Gerrard, Chris Brashear and Frank Lee.  Del will be teaching both ukulele and guitar (a Memphis Minnie class!), Ernie is teaching Texas and Piedmont blues guitar, I'm teaching blues singing and fiddle rags and blues.  It runs June 24-30 and takes place at Mars Hill College in North Carolina. Here's the website:

Looks great!


8:30 AM class start a bit of a deterrent.


Only a 12 hr drive from here. That's nothing compared to the insane miles we did moving from Austin to Denver in 2014, and then moving the whole shebang once again to upstate NY the same year after a pronounced 'meh!' reaction to Denver and its horrendous traffic, which is, amazingly, even worse than Austin's, and without the saving graces of Austin's barbecue and Tex Mex.

I'm seriously considering getting down to NC if I possibly can do it. My brain, etc., needs it. And Cheryl says 'OK!'

(Just thinking out loud here, y'understand)


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