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Is this for real? Both banjochris and frankie (basile) on faculty for next summer's workshop?


And GhostRider, it looks like you're finally getting your wish for Tim Williams on faculty.


Looks like a very fun PT year coming up. I'd better sell a lot of yogurt between then and now so I will have some spare change available. What was that Jerry Ricks quote about his trip to Port T that ends: "...a lot of yogurt". I was an IT guy back then, and now I make yogurt.

Sorry, just thinking out loud. Congrats to Jerron, Chris and Frank, I'd love to be there if I can.

Any more news on teachers this year?  I wasn't able to go last summer, but I'm hoping I can pull it off this coming one (my second trip).

I'm excited to see Jimmy Duck Holmes in the faculty.  I have no idea whatsoever how he is as an instructor; but I like his music.

Ari is coming back. I'm sure as hell going to try to make it.


Bill Roggensack:
A mighty fine line-up, and likely a few more to come. After years of lobbying, it will be a treat to have Tim Williams there, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with Frankie after all the years that have passed since we first met at PT. While my grip is not yet packed, nor my fare paid, I am definitely bound to go.


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