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Weenie Juke Radio to Close at the End of February

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Wow that's terrible, understandable, but terrible. I was actually listening to it more recently. While there is a lot of stuff on youtube it can't be used as a real radio type stream. And where else can one find the depth of programing knowledge that we have here? Maybe we can find some university that wants to take it on. Lets poke around for options.
Perhaps we could just rename all the songs and use made up names for the artists?  :'(

uncle bud:
I'm sad to see the Juke go, and bitter about the reasons it has to go. I suspect many stations that play small, independent artists will be disappearing. When not just a station but a whole licensing entity decides to throw in the towel thanks to pressure from entities like SoundExchange and the RIAA, then the corporate pablum peddlers are winning. This is what they wanted all along, and as Slack notes, they have made it difficult for any small operator to meet their demands.

I suppose some of the internet radio traffic will go to services like Spotify, which has a pretty poor royalties model from what I understand. Not sure what the answer really is, but part of it surely should have been to allow space for small operators without requiring the ridiculous hoops one must jump through just to exist.

The music business is truly a mess. But so is everything else these days, so no shock here.

edited to add: Another example of what's going on - - "If you're thinking of starting a net-based business in your garage, good luck. If you're not an oligarch, you won't have a chance."

what a shame!


I'm sorry to see the Juke go, but it's understandable, given how difficult the modern mess has made things--things that should be easy and simple. Imagine that you couldn't let your friends listen to your record collection unless you filled out the required paperwork and coughed up dough for every spin of a platter. In essence, that's what it amounts to for the small outfits like WC.

Thanks to Slack, Rivers and the everyone else who made the Juke the quality source for all things Country Blues over the years. It will be missed.

Parlor Picker:
I echo all that has been said and would just like to add my thanks to all concerned for their excellent work on the Juke.


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