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Slack (or anyone else who's figured this out) -

When I listen to Weenie Juke using Windows Media Player, is it possible to get the "Now Playing" info in skin mode?

Right now, when I switch to skin mode and select "view playlist", the skin only shows "weenie juke...The Best in Pre-War Country" in the playlist.

Is it possible to get the skin to show the actual track title & artist that's playing? Or do I have go to the Weenie Juke web page and select "Now Playing"?


Hi Michael,

I cannot get song titles to stream to Windowsa Media Player unless I'm running Windows Media Server (which may be an option in the future, but too much other stuff to do now).  As an alternative or workaround: make sure you are running version 9 of the WMP and open Media Player and click on "play", you should see "captions and subtitles" , Make sure it is set to "on if...." This option is off by default for some reason.

What this will do is give you the Weenie Juke webpage displayed within Windows Media Player - which will show the now playing song information.  Let me know how it goes.

Also, out of curiousity - which forums did you cross-post the Weenie Juke info to?

Thanks and good luck! ;)

Hi Slack,

Thanks -- I returned WMP to full-screen -- and that seems to do the trick. I just didn't want to have to Internet Explorer also opened to the Weenie Juke Radio page in order to see the "Now Playing" info. Full-screen WMP shows me what I wanted to see.

Okay, here are the forums to which I cross-posted -- all of them have a bunch of pre-war blues fans:

Bob Dylan Pool discussion forum

The Woodshed

Blindman Blues Forum

IGS Guitar Forum

Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum

Great, glad you got it going!

And thanks!

Hey Slack,

FYI tonight when I was online, I spread the word at the Mudcat Cafe as well as a few usenet/listserv groups:
-- BLUES-L listserv



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