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Dat's hep shit, Slack. Skeebo! I had clicked on your test the other day and had a notion of what you were up to. I noticed the playlist in Testuser's signature block. I'm bettin' you're already planning to incorporate it into the header of every page so we can see it whereever we are in the Community. I'll be there when you're lookin' for handouts to go for more bandwidth, job or no job. And I'll bring a different guitar for each jail visit.

Thanks John - I knew I could count on you for all kinds of support!  :P

Yeah, I'll get a Weenie Juke button on the Main Menu... real soon.  ;)

Mr. Slack:

This is the coolest! I've been listening all night. Absolutely first rate. Great Job.

Best station on the 'net.

And count me in if you need some dough to upgrade.

Beers on me,

Slack, this is a fornicatingly fabulous idea... the only problem is that I seem unable to receive the broadcast as all three of these programs Windows Media, RealPlayer or WinAmp tell me the "file is unrecognized"........... any ideas as broadcaster in chief?

And, if you're interested I'd like to offer my services to host a bit of a program - I already broadcast on yer actual local BBC radio with a regular jazz program.

Thanks Alex!  We'll drink a few beers in PT!

Richard, re: radio program - great!  We'll have to get you up to speed on recording as you'll need to record it and send it to me. :)  I can then give you FTP access to upload what will be a rather large mp3 file.

What version of Winamp are you using?  Also the server stream went down last night at some point - so the stream may have been down while you were trying (Murphy's law you know, it works flawlessly for days - you make an announcement and bang, the thing crashes! <g> Did you check the server status at the time?)  So, try it again, using Winamp and see. 



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