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Greetings Weenies!
Our first Webradio broadcast will be this weekend and feature Jerry Zolten and Robert Crumb "Chimpin' the Blues" (R. Crumb's term for enthusiasts sitting around talking about the minutia of old blues recordings and the musicians who recorded them - frighteningly similar to Weenies!)? An hour long show and very entertaining. I've attached a Chimpin' teaser to whet your appetite.? Show details can be found here: WPSU Public Radio
Broadcast Times and Dates:? (We'll run this several times over a three day period so that all have a chance
to listen)
[*]Friday, June 11th - 9pm to 12pm Eastern Time? (3 Times on the hour)
[*]Saturday, June 12th - 8pm to 12pm? Eastern Time (4 Times on the hour)
[*]Sunday, June 13th - 8pm to 12pm? Eastern Time (4 Times on the hour)
Come Chimp the Blues!

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We just realized that the above times are not very UK friendly - and we have a number of UK members.  We can add a UK time slot for Radio Shows - what slot would be best do you think?


The Leecan & Cooksey cut they play - Washboard Cut Out - totally smokes!  Complete with cello solo!  Yeeeha!

I think the first show was marginally successful - we had a few people tune in.? I blew the start time yesterday (got distracted by something!) and so we broadcast 3.5 shows instead of 4.? :P

We'll broadcast it again sometime in the future.? Anyone else have any feedback.? Is it worth doing?, are there better times? (during the week as opposed to weekends?)...etc etc.


uncle bud:
Yes, I say it's worth doing. We're all still getting used to it. Perhaps broadcasts can go out over weeknights as well.


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