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Alex Knox / Ghostrider in Berlin

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The little Martin certainly makes a wonderful travel guitar!

I hope to see more Weenies in Berlin some day!

I could kick myself for only meeting Professor Scratchy for a beer, and not actually playing with him, when he was here a few years ago! What a waste of precious opportunity, when life is so short!



Prof Scratchy:
It was good beer though!

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One-Eyed Ross:
In over five years in Germany, I never made it to Berlin, (Cold War politics) but if the beer there is as good as the beer in Hesse, it's good.  (I was rather fond of Licher Pils back then...)

I know I'm a little late to respond to this, but don't let Pan fool you. He played me under the table.

It was a great treat to meet him and his lovely (as well) wife.

Much disappointed that I didn't hear "Pan in concert".


Here's a photo outside the bar we played in. The couple on the right just walked by! My wife is in the centre.



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