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Byther Smith RIP


Blues Vintage:
Byther Smith RIP

Hold That Train, Delmark (1981)
Tell Me How You Like It, Grits (1983)
Big Shot Smitty, Mina Records 1002 (1984)
Gritty Soul, Mina Records LP-M1004 (1985)
Addressing The Nation With The Blues, JSP Records (1989)
Housefire, Bullseye (1991)
I'm A Mad Man, Bullseye BB 9527 (1993)
Mississippi Kid, Delmark (1996)
All Night Long, Delmark (1997)
Smitty’s Blues, Black and Tan (2001)
Throw Away The Book, Black and Tan (2004)
Blues on the Moon: Live at the Natural Rhythm Social Club, Delmark (2008)
Got No Place To Go, Fedora FCD 5034 (2008)


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