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Posted this on the yapoops site, here it is again I guess.

There's a new page on Stefan Wirz's Blue Goose site, Joe Callicott discography, some nice pics, releases, cover versions:
Anyone got the new Fat Possum Callicott CD

uncle bud:

Is this different material from the stuff available on Arhoolie? I'm assuming it is but there's no track list at the Fat Possum site.


uncle bud:
And answered my own question by clicking on the other link for Stefan Wirz's site. Here's the track list:

- Frankie And Albert
- Fare Thee Well Blues
- Laughing To Keep From Crying
- Lonesome Katy
- Come Home To Me Baby
- Fare You Well Blues
- France Chance
- Roll And Tumble
- Good Time Blues
- Goodbye Baby Blues
- Down To The River Jordan
- Let Your Deal Go Down

I dunno if it's the same session as Miss. Delta Blues Vol 2 Blow My Blues Away on Arhoolie or not. Extra tracks in your list there. It's nice to see new pics of Joe.

uncle bud:
Both were recorded Aug. 1967 by George Mitchell according to Wirz's discography.  

I like Joe. That Arhoolie Vol 2 is a great CD.



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