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blind rat blues:
Hi guys and gals,I need help finding Lightnin'guitar tabs there seems only to be about 4 or 5 on the net so if anyone here can help I would be very grateful.


In my collection I have:

Baby, Please Don't Go in "The Roots of Acoustic Blues Guitar" by Fred Sokolow (1999)

Penitentairy Blues, Airplane Blues and Coolin' Board Blues in "Texas Blues" by Stefan Grossman (1984)

Hope this helps,

Stefan Grossman's Guitar workshop also has produced a video on Lightnin' by Ernie Hawkins, who does an excelllent job of elucidating Lightnin's styles in various keys including Pull A Party, Goin' Down Slow. Shinin' Moon, Baby Please Don't Go, and others. After working thru this video you would not have a difficult time working out much of Lightnin's material on your own. Well worth it.
All for now.
John C.

...and some very good performance footage to observe Lightnin's style.
Personally I like Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop instruction, I find it is the best material to learn Country Blues, especially for a Level 1.5 (like me).

blind rat blues:
Thanks for the info blues guys.


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