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Idiots Guide to Recording / Making 78 Shellac Records These Days?

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If somebody had a big empty room and a blank check (I don't, but what if) and wanted to figure out how to start from scratch ...

What would you need to start a 78 rpm music studio?  Even without looking at it in terms of profitability or efficiency, does the equipment even exist anymore in good enough condition?

ARE there any 78 type studios anywhere these days? 

Would it be possible to do set something up 100% in house? 

It seems I read that Tom Waits put out a 78 that sounded like vinyl and not shellac?

How did Crumb put out his 78s in the 70's, on equipment that doesn't exist anymore?  Equipment that's still set up somewhere?  Does Bussard still have his equipment from Fonotone?

I've done a lot of recording on computer and to a degree in 'studios', but I have absolutely no idea whether this is an impossible task or something that wouldn't be all that hard in the long run.

I'm not sure I even know enough to ask the right questions, but maybe some folks here know something about it and could offer some insight?


here's another discussion that mentions the Tom Waits 78. I'm guessing it's not that different from the Pye Nixa 78s that came out in the uk in the late 50s.
EDIT I tried to add a 78 rpm tag to that discussion (and this one) but they don't seem to have worked

here's Lewis Durham talking about his studio setup for Evangelist Records
Evangelist recently put out 78s by Pokey LaFarge and Blind Boy Paxton which I'm pretty sure aren't shellac but were analogue all the way.

Re tags, there's a minimum length for a tag, and I knew we had one already going. So I looked up the tag index and tagged it '78 rpm'. Also moved the topic to Super Electrical Recordings since it's discussing recording technology and it will be easier to find.

There is some interesting info here: I don't know if it would be of any help though?

Retro mechanical record player/cutter!
Just found this:
Looks like it could be fun to mess around with!


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