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"Easy Rider" by Sam McGee?

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Okay, after everyone's advice & encouragement, I started playing along with McGee's 1928 recording. I'm playing these chord shapes -- G-E7-A7-D7-G -- capoed at the 5th fret (so it's in C).

My version sounds pretty good -- at least it sounds "musical" -- but I'm not sure if I'm playing the same chords that McGee is. Maybe it's his guitjo/banjar, or maybe it's my tin ears, but I can't tell for sure if I'm tune with him.

Anyway, this song is a heckuva lot of fun...thanks again everybody!


Outfidel, I'm just curious - If you're trying to get a handle on specifically what SM is doing, why not try playing the tune in C without the capo?  From what I remember about the tune, that's where he's playing it, although he may be tuned slightly higher or lower than A=440.


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