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"Easy Rider" by Sam McGee?

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Does anyone have tab for McGee's "Easy Rider"? His version on Document is in C & he plays it on a guitjo/banjar, but I'm thinking that it will sound good on my 00-18CTN. Well, good for me anyway. Thanks.

Hi Outfidel,
Why don't you try figuring it out by ear?  You already know what position Sam played it out of.  I bet you can do it.  It's a common Ragtime progression.  Good luck!
All best,


--- Quote from: Johnm on June 01, 2004, 10:51:21 PM ---
Why don't you try figuring it out by ear?? You already know what position Sam played it out of.? I bet you can do it.? It's a common Ragtime progression.? Good luck!

--- End quote ---

Great advice John! It's great to learn a new tune, but it feels even better when you work it out for yourself. And it'll give you better chops for learning more tunes in the future.

So go for it, Out! Good luck.


From the Quote Generator Oracle  :D :

"So they get part of the tune. Then they flag it and get frustrated. Damn, be happy! You got part of the tune. That doesn't stop you... it's not being complacent, it's being realistic. You can't just go through every CD you have and every tune that you like say 'Why can't I play that?' Or 'Why can't I play it as well as that?'" - Jerry Ricks, PT 97

Having not played for that long, working out whole tune is bit ambitious for me, but I''ll work out the odd lick or whatever and it's the achievement that counts, so Outfidel go for!


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