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John Miller's "Porkchops and Applesauce"


Blue Poodle:
I really love that song...can't get enough of it.

Anyone have any insights into how to play it?

Hi Tim,
I wrote that song to sound like a Memphis Minnie/Kansas Joe duet.  I'm playing both parts on the recording.  As I remember, the lead part is in Spanish tuning, DGDGBD, capoed at the third fret (not sure of the capo placement, but the part is definitely played in Spanish), and the back-up part is flat-picked out of A position, standard tuning capoed two frets lower from the lead guitar part.  It is kind of a nutty song, I guess.
All best,

Blue Poodle:
Thanks for the insight, John.

It is a fun song!  Not too long ago I went through a period of days when I sang it over and over again, in the car, around the house....I decided that it was time to stop when my wife threatened to leave me if I didn't. 

I suppose that one's enjoyment of things can be taken to extremes.

I've never heard this one... which Johnm CD ?


Hi Yves,
That tune was on my second Blue Goose album, "How About Me".
All best,


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