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John Miller's MJH DVD Lessons


Just picked up Volumes I and II of John's DVDs on Mississippi John Hurt!  I can't wait to get started on them.  I've been learning some of MJH's tunes already through Stefan Grossmans DVDS and CD/book sets.  But I've read so many great reviews of these others - and I love MJH's music so much - that I went ahead and got them both!  I'll provide a review in the near future.  Bg O0

Blue Poodle:
John's MJH lessons are good.  Real good. 

I wish that I had worked on them before I started on Stefan Grossman's MJH lessons and tabs.

I finally received John's MJH DVD (Vol. 1) and lo and behold, I was able to play this song almost all the way through without too much trouble.  It's a great tune! Thanks John for the silent footage of John playing - I think later on in the clip I can see him mouth the words to "Stack O' Lee." Bg O0

Well done, BG!  It sounds like you are on your way.  Congratulations.
All best,


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