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Thanks so much for posting the videos of the Foddrell Brothers, Harriet. I didn't know there had been any videos made of them. John Jackson always spoke highly of them. They were also seriously under-recorded. I have one album on the Dutch Swingmaster label, and heard a cassette with one of the brothers (Lynn?) playing accompanied by his son or nephew on electric bass, after the other brother died. Anyhow, it's really great to see that footage, thanks!
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Welcome John though the credit really goes to the owner of the "LivinTheBlues" channel. He finds and posts a wide variety of vintage blues/jazz artists, both recordings and performances. I just found 2 others with with footage of Turner and Lynn Fodrell there.

What a treat. The Foddrells were great! I got to meet and play with Turner Foddrell years ago at a field recording session by the great Ray Aldin at the Mount Airy Fiddlers Convention. Boy, I'd love to hear that tape. Here is their other release and maybe their best. It is on the small Outlet label from Ferrum, VA. which also released two LPs by Rabbit Muse.

Thank you, Harriet. That's music the way it's supposed to be played and sung.

Here's a link to an earlier thread:

The link no longer works, but here's one that does--Scroll down a bit for The Foddrell Brothers:


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