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Just wanted to recommend that if you havenít checked out Brody hunts radio show ďthe land of skyĒ broadcast out of Asheville, North Carolina I canít recommend it enough! 5/5 stars lots of rare country blues, jazz, hillbilly and lots more. Each show is 2 hours long to and you can go back listen to countless different broadcasts. Really one of the best old time radio shows Iíve heard.

Thanks for the heads up on this podcast Crusty - they're spinning 78's!  Here is a description and a couple of links.

Broadcasting original 78 RPM records straight off the shellac and out into the ether. A cross section of 20's & 30's vernacular music from USA and abroad.

Sunday evenings 7-9pm, broadcasting out of downtown Asheville, NC high above historic Wall St. Stream live at and listen to archived shows at:

Main website here:

And a facebook page:

Hey thanks for providing links sorry I should have done that would have made it more accessible for folks. Really itís  very good Iím sure you guys will love it if you havenít heard it. I went back really far listening and found a great Halloween episode where he brings Dr. demento on and plays some of his 78s. Who knew dr. D was a 78 hound?

Barry Hansen has been collecting records for a long time. He attended Reed College ('61) and then UCLA where he earned his M.A. in Ethnomusicology, IIRC, and became friends with John Fahey.

FYI: Several people known to the CB crowd also attended Reed: Stephan Michelson (aka Delta X), Mike Stewart '71 (aka Backwards Sam Firk) and Ry Cooder '71.

Thrift stores and junk shops used to be full of 78s. Even now they turn up in bins at used record stores and swap meets, etc. I saw a bunch at Everyday Music in Seattle several weeks ago--But none in the Country Blues genre, unfortunately.

No problem Crusty, that's what administrators are for.  I agree, it's really good.... I listened to the last archived broadcast.  Great variety of old music... including cajun, Hawaiian, Mexican... even Memphis Minnie from 1947 w/ electric guitar (they made a special exception for Minnie), rare stuff.   WPVM is a Low Power FM station -- so it is non-commercial broadcasting.

Thanks Stuart... I'll have to go dig in the archives for the Dr. Demento.


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