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Weenie Juke Radio to Close at the End of February

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David Kaatz:
Thanks so much for the work on it. I didn't listen often, but it was great when I did!


Thanks to the Weenie Brain Trust for keeping this forum going.  It's a wonderful resource.

The Juke will be greatly missed.  :(

What a drag!  I've lately been in a sort of artist search mode on YouTube and the likes, but I was hoping to be able to return to the Juke after a while.  :'(

Thank you guys for all the great work you've done with the Juke. I think it, along with this forum, has been the most valuable tool in my remote country blues education!


Bummer- I had to voluntarily give up the daily Juke a while back so it wouldn't be completely banned due to bandwidth issues- I could listen during the off hours.

I'm gonna miss all the Country Blues knowledge I gleaned from the Weenie Juke, I guess I'll have to search for another source.

AND..... thanks to everybody who contributed to the great selection of music that was featured.


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