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What happened to the Juke on SHOUTcast?

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I tried to listen to the Juke multiple times this evening on SHOUTcast via a Roku, and I kept getting an error message stating "Unable to play station".  I also tried going to the SHOUTcast website and did a search for "Weenie Juke Radio" and came up with nothing?  Is the Juke no longer on SHOUTcast?

Don't know about SHOUTcast, Ryan, but I just tried WJR by clicking on "Weenie Juke Radio" in the "Quick Menu," then the "Tune In" button bar under "Juke Tune In" on the upper left hand side, and then clicked on the iTunes icon on the LOUDCITY page and the Weenie Juke Radio came in loud and clear.

I can fing it on the shoutcast listing, but there is some error.

If it is not resolved tomorrow, I'll make inquiry.


I just clicked on the link that Slack posted and then the "Play" icon for Weenie Juke Radio. The music started right up.

Works for me now too.


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