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Spotted this on the juke dedications list today:

--- Quote ---1. NotRev dedicated Who's Going Home Wth You by Henry Johnson
"Here\'s to Steve James for not only bringing attention to Henry Johnson in Acoustic Guitar magazine but recognizing Weenie Campbell, Peter Lowry and Trix Records in that same article!"
--- End quote ---

So Gary, tell us more, which edition of AG?

[note to self: strip out the backslash escape character from the dedication text in the new version]

He did an extensive article on Piedmont Blues in the September 2012 issue.

uncle bud:
Thanks for the heads up, Gary.

Here's a link to the article online:

Thanks, Andrew.
I assumed someone had posted something about the Steve James article already. It's a good read.

", the mother of all blues geek websites."

I love it!


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