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Parlor Picker:
Maybe this question has been asked before, but I'm fascinated to know who is that person with an English accent who makes the welcome and other announcements on the Juke  ???  It's a bit surprising to us Brits, knowing that Weenie is based in North America.

That is Richard Thomas who hails from Guernsey aka "Richard".  Richard an I struck up an email conversation when I was first setting up the Juke and so I recruited him -- that English accent seemed so exotic.  ;D  Richard is also part of the steering committee that guides Weenie.

We may be based in North Amercia -- but the appeal of Contry Blues, if you look at the Juke Status page, is global.


uncle bud:
And we got him cheap!

Richard cheap? - he certainly is -  I'll have you know he plays a cardboard drum kit.

Phil   >:D

Actually the British accent is perfect for us Canadians. Reminds us of home....



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