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Title: Coming soon, new board: Down The Dirt Road
Post by: Rivers on October 05, 2010, 04:23:10 PM
Hi Weenies,

As you've no doubt noticed we've been getting a lot of interesting topics that start with a link to another site turning up in various places on the forum lately. These are more than just static 'links', as they might be treated on other sites, they are pretty integral to our shared interests. They also generate discussion on WC in their own right. For example, recent links to rich content concerning Wardlow, Lomax, other focused music sites, and many more.

We'd like them to be easier to find; they tend to get lost among the various boards on the forum. Clearly they are a distinct topic- or "new media" category in their own right. Often it's not clear where they belong. So the moderators feel we have a gap that needs filling. A generic "Links" board doesn't quite fit; these are more than just the internet links thing, they deserve their own board.

So we're starting another board for these very soon called "Down The Dirt Road". Tag line will be "Other Destinations Related to Country Blues". We will be moving topics from the other boards to that board. Hopefully it will be a lot easier for us to navigate and administrate, and we can all get the most out of them.

Just an FYI,

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