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Hi Rivers,
By clicking on the "Show more" on the video it looks like "It's Your Thing" was on a late Snooks release called "Out of Nowhere", a 2009 release on Blacktop Records. Here is a link to the album on Amazon: .
All best,

Thank you John. I followed myriad interesting distractions while researching that for myself resulting in a musical version of "scope creep".

I've downloaded the Out of Nowhere album.

Also check out pages 5 and 7 on this "Other Musical Interests" thread to listen to two Snooks numbers. One of them is from one of his Blacktop albums, not 100% sure if it's "Out of Nowhere."


Good on you for picking it up, Rivers! I'm remiss myself in not having any of Snooks' post-'60s albums. And he did a lot of great stuff later on, like "Lipstick Traces" and "Funky Malaguena". When you think about it, he recorded all of the stuff on Folkways and Prestige before he was thirty, so he had quite a long recording career after that.

Hi all,
I wonder how long it took Nathan East to get that right hand together--wow!
All best,


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