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I initially thought that there were nine string on Daddy Stovepipe's guitar and I imagined the configuration that you described, the top three as double courses and the bottom three as singles,  but upon further inspection, it looked like eight to me.  I know that there's been some speculation that Lonnie Johnson strung his guitar in a somewhat similiar manner, as well as BBQ Bob.  Anyway, I'm just dying to make a nine string, and I'll do it for medium bucks, if anyone out there is interested.

I should add that the photo came from Old Hat's new compilation of medicine show music, "Good For What Ails You", and is courtesy of Bengt Olson.  This is an absolutely fantastic set of music with very informative liner notes.  If you don't have it, pick it up immediately so that your life will be complete.

Bunker Hill:

--- Quote from: Bunker Hill on March 03, 2006, 10:04:48 AM ---Here's one used to illustrate Bob Koester's chapter "Jazz In St Louis-1958" in the book Just Jazz 2 (eds Traill & Lascelles, London, Peter Davis 1958).
--- End quote ---
At the time of writing I knew I'd seen at least one other BJW photo from this "shoot". It can be seen on page 64 of Larry Cohen's mammoth 1993 book Nothing But The Blues. It's a indistinct shot of Big Joe with J D Short to his right.

Stefan Wirz:
... and a few pages further in the same book (to be exact: p. 71) there's this 'upside-down' photo of BJW which led me to create my 'oddities'-page about flipped / false photos and other curiosities.

The stringing (E2 B2 G1 D2 A1 E1) can also be found by enlarging this photo !

Hi all,
It occurred to me while reading Big Joe's own account of how and why he came to modify his guitar into a nine-string--to discourage a noodler from picking it up and playing it--that it is difficult to see how adding unison strings could cause any particular confusion.  The left hand is exactly the same as a normally strung guitar.  Now if Joe also de-tuned the instrument before setting it down at the end of the set, then you've got some problems!
All best,

uncle bud:
Furry Lewis, hamming it up:


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