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Has anyone got any recommendations for an acoustic stompbox? I currently have a an electric one that's good for gigs, but would like to add an acoustic one to my setup for when I'm not plugging in

The floor should suffice.

I don't know when the last time you busked was Johnm, but pavement and asphalt don't cut it in the resonance department.

TG, Ive seen a lot of street singers who have created various gizmo's to meet the need of having their foot stomp heard. Easiest is a bass drum with a foot pedal. Try bay for a used kid size drum with pedal. Some folks use a ride cymbal, but then put a tambourine on it. Try googling "cymbal with a foot pedal" which brought up some interesting images that may lead you to a solution you can create yourself. Hey, if you want to add bass at the same time construct a footdella like Jesse Fuller. You should also look around various jug band group sites as they also usually incorporate one man band info and discussion. Also search around Weenie Campbell (look at the Tag Index for footdella or foot pedal, etc) as I know we have had several similar discussions in the past.


Why not just hire a volunteer to count from one to four for the duration of each song?

"Resonance" is the key word here. I never used one, but I assume standing or sitting would make a difference. I'd probably start with something with a 1" lift/gap at one end and 2" plus at the other--with solid sides, cut at a taper.  And maybe start with a 1/2" plywood top and see how that works--you can always go heavier or lighter, depending. I'd put a bottom on it so it doesn't collapse, reinforcing the corners. As for size, it's your call.

I think Catfish Keith uses one, so you might check out his videos.


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