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Hi all,
Kind of hard to argue with Lightnin' Hopkins, too.? He was prodigally gifted vocally, kind of a hilariously good voice.
All best,

I'll chip in Robert Wilkins - very subtle singer IMO - and that nasal quality grows on you.  ;)

One of my favorite pre-war blues singers was the pianist Big Maceo Merriweather.  He had a beautiful smoky voice, a bit rougher than Leroy Carr, and on his slower numbers he could sound downright wistful.  Check out the sound clips of County Jail Blues and Kidman Blues at the Arhoolie website for two good examples of his singing. 

Hey what about the women singers?
Bessie Smith knocks my socks off!

All of the above and Memphis Minnie. But I love Tommy Johnson. Also, I think Jhonny Temple is under rated as a blues singer.


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