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Buddy Moss arrested for murder in 1935?

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Did anything say who Moss killed, and why he killed them?

To be honest, he sounded like a not really good person in my own opinion. Almost makes me not want to support his music, even though he's been dead for almost 40 years.

Buddy was sent to prison for killing his wife/lover. He always claimed he was innocent. I think he would be terribly upset that you almost don't want to support his music.

The descriptions of Moss's behavior display a troubled soul. It was/is not easy being black in America. That folks can be so giving and open is a testament to their personal strength. We are not all imbued with that strength equally usually as a result of life experiences. I take his music for what it is...and that is worthy of our respect.

Blues Vintage:
A lot more info right here, your question answered at 2.

Buddy Moss - prison photo & bio

I could swear there was another post to this thread that I found most entertaining.


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