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Hi LB,

Just post the links to the files or your space on soundclick.  here is an example of:;Itemid=83&topic=1971.0


If we have mp3s that are loaded and accessible on another site (Nowhere Radio, for example) is it acceptable to post a link instead of downloading the song again here?  Thanks!

uncle bud:
Hi OM,

Yup, just post the link.

I use a cheap and easy method for making mp3s.Firstly I use the Slackware Linux OS (free),although any GNU/Linux os should do.Install the Audacity audio editor and the Ladspa plugins(free) and finally the Lame mp3 encoder(free).Then I plug a mic into the soundcard input,hit record on Audacity.When finished Audacity allows you to export the file as an mp3.For Windows users-Audacity and Lame are available as Windows programmes too.I also followed Frankies suggestions for making the mp3 files the right size.The Audacity editor is also great for getting music from sites where you have to join before you download.Dont want to join?Just hit record on Audacity and press play for the track you want and Audacity will record it for you.Easy.

I have a video I uploaded to youtube but not seeming to have any luck sticking the video up into "Back Porch" so far, I may have it right but am totally clueless as to if it is or not. Rather than just post and hope for the best I tried to preview the post but it does nothing so it does appear I have made a meal of it. It is a wee bit nerve wracking as I have not put one up here before and this was unrehearsed and a jam captured by my phone. I went to attachments and selected the file but not sure if that will embed a video or just leave a link, Going to post it and hope for the best, if anyone can give me advice I will gladly accept it.


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