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Joe Callicott - Blue Horizon Sessions

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Waxwing, I think you're right. Thanks

"Presenting the Country Blues" was a series on Blue Horizons, originally on vinyl.  A couple of covers I found were different old things they found in the swamp and I found this and an old kettle for the Roosevelt Holts vinyl on a search, they also used a lobster in a bucket(Larry Johnson) and a photo of a live fox(Furry Lewis). I thought the Callicott might be a decayed carcass of an alligator.

Stuart, I couldn't find anything online. I got the kindle version of Stephen Calt's book, Barrelhouse Words, and he only references it as meaning gay or sexually off kilter (at the time) from a verse in Kokomo Arnold's "The Twelves" - " I soon found out he was funny that way"

Hi Harriet:

"Funny that way" is in several songs, IIRC. I can't remember the specific songs at the moment, though. In any event, the context in this song is music / guitar playing.


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