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Good to report that Norfolk (or Mendip) Slim has taken to airwaves and joined me on Mixcloud, he's concentrating on the more more up todate versions of the old stuff that I seem to play - between the two of us we should have it covered!

So now you have the choice old or new(ish) so do subscribe and stay informed of updates -

Prof Scratchy:
An excellent listen. Really enjoyed it. Now I need to catch up your offerings too, Richard. Have the app now, so no excuse not to!

Home working and looking at these four walls for months on end this was very welcome, I really enjoyed that Simon thanks, are planning some more ?

Norfolk Slim:
I thought it was all a bit self indulgent- but if folks are getting some pleasure out of it, I will put up the next one shortly (already recorded)!  I have some leftfield choices in mind, and you might recognise the odd weenie popping up as well...

Prof Scratchy:
I really liked the choice of contemporary-ish material. I spend so much time listening to scratchy recordings from the pre-war period that it's refreshing to hear new (to me) people. There are currently a lot of young players who are taking the music forward. Keep it up and indulge yourself is what I say!


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