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Beltona 12 Fret cutaway resonator 2015


Recent Beltona single cone cutaway, composite body, National cone, absolutely top quality resonator, 25 in scale in a package compact and light enough to easily travel with. Evan's bodies produce a really nice, rounded tone that's in between wood and metal. Neck was built off of the dimensions of a '30s Triolian. Lots of info online about Beltona instruments. There's a reason why such a long waiting list exists for his builds.

Also available is the pictured Thomas Grassl Flatbucker pickup, made in Germany and used by Ry Cooder among others - and they're a real pain to get as he doesn't wind many of them, and they are seriously expensive...but worth it. Pickup is mounted with double sided tape, so body of the guitar has not been altered.  Best low profile pickup on the market today for this sort of application. Pickup is wired through the body and has jack in the back strap button. 

Asking $1950 plus actual cost of shipping to your location.

Now best offer. Inquire.


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