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Never too early to get thinking about the next Port T Workshop Week, right? Thankfully I'll be able to attend next year, might even drive it. So, who would we like to see up there?

I'm just going to confine myself to nominating a first timer and vote for Gayle Dean Wardlow. Having spoken to him recently on the phone (about something else) I know for a fact he'd be interested and would add a ton of value. I know also that several people here would agree it's high time Gayle had the opportunity to talk about his research and hang out with us all. I'm hard pressed to think of another more respected blues researcher & author, knowledgeable musician in the style and articulate speaker than Mr GDW

Please add your comments on who you'd like to see at Port T, 2014

I would second the idea of having Gayle Dean Wardlow on staff at Port Townsend.  He's done so much valuable research and made so many important discoveries.  I think there's a lot of stuff on which he is one of the only people who can speak knowledgeably.  I will certainly make my feelings on the subject known to the powers that be at Centrum.
All best,

uncle bud:
I've written in Gayle Dean's name on the evaluation questionnaire section for requesting faculty members numerous times myself and know some others have too. Good idea to renew the lobbying efforts.

Yes, GDW would be great.

And, again, I'd like to see Tim Williams. And he's a great teacher (guitar, slide guitar, mandolin.


Centrum paragraph from the Blues Week page:

Details on our 2014 workshop are still under development but we do have confirmations from many of the faculty including: Alvin Youngblood Hart, Mary Flower, Paul Geremia, Mike Dowling, John Miller, Orville Johnson, Mark Puryear, Terry Harmonica Bean, Judy LaPrade, Wendy DeWitt, Mark Brooks, Roger Edsall, Peter Madcat Ruth, Rich DelGrosso, Steve James, Lightnin? Wells, Maria Muldaur, Ethel Caffe Austin, Delnora Roberts, Lauren Sheehan, Dean Mueller, Gayle Dean Wardlow, Washboard Chaz, and George Rezendes? Stayed tuned for their bios and class descriptions, as well as the additional faculty we will be adding.


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