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Hey gang, here's an attempt at listing all of Willie Brown's known solo & accompaniment recordings.
Anybody wondering why William Brown from Arkansas' recordings are not included is because they are clearly different people.
Any suggestions or alterations most welcome!

(updated September, 2018)


Solo Recordings:

c. August, 1930, Grafton, Wisconsin (revised from former inaccurate MAY 28, 1930 date, see Alex Van Der Tuuk's "Paramount's Rise & Fall", 2nd edition, pgs 170-172)
     M & O Blues [L-413-2/Pm13090]
     Future Blues [L-418-2/Pm13090]
        Grandma Blues [Pm13001 untraced]
        Sorry Blues [Pm13001 untraced]
        Kicking In My Sleep Blues [Pm13090 untraced]
        Window Blues [Pm13090 untraced]
Willie Brown [vocal & guitar]

c. August 24-31, 1941, at Clack's Store near Lake Cormorant, Mississippi
     Make Me A Pallet On The Floor [4781-A-3/LC]
Willie Brown [vocal & guitar]

Willie Brown Accompaniments:

With Charlie Patton c. August, 1930, Grafton, Wisconsin
   Dry Well Blues [L-429-2/Pm13070]
        Some Summer Day [L-431-1/Pm13080]
   Moon Going Down [L-432-1/Pm13014]
   Bird Nest Bound [L-433-1/Pm13070]
Charlie Patton [vocal & guitar]
Willie Brown [guitar]

With Son House c. August, 1930, Grafton, Wisconsin
   Walkin' Blues [9/2#1][Pm unissued]
Son House [vocal & guitar]
Willie Brown [guitar]

With Son House, Fiddlin' Joe Martin & Leroy Williams
c. August 24-31, 1941, Mississippi
   Levee Camp Blues [4780-A-2/LC]
   Government Fleet Blues [4780-B-1/LC]
   Walking Blues [4780-B-2/LC]
Son House [vocal & guitar]
Willie Brown [guitar]
Fiddlin' Joe Martin [mandolin & spoken]
Leroy Williams [harmonica]

   Fo' Clock Blues [4781-A-2/LC]
   Going To Fishing [4781-B-3/LC]
Fiddlin' Joe Martin [vocal & mandolin]
Willie Brown [guitar]
Leroy Williams [harmonica]

   test, 15 second false start [4782-A-2/LC]
   Uncle Sam Done Called [4782-A-3/LC]
Leroy Williams [vocal & harmonica]
Willie Brown [guitar]
Fiddlin' Joe Martin [spoken]

Camp Hollers [4781-B-1/LC] from the Library of Congress recordings is sometimes listed as including Willie Brown as one of the speakers but this is unlikely. See

Louise Johnson's recordings from the historic C. August, 1930 session for Paramount in Wisconsin features voices/commentary that sound like Charlie Patton & Son House. A third male voice is heard but it's not certain if it is Willie Brown or someone else. Willie was there & he would be the logical choice.

Kid Bailey's two 1929 recordings with unknown accompanist are in the exact vocal and guitar style of Willie Brown but there's no conclusive evidence that Willie Brown or any of his known cohorts are on these songs. I personally think Bailey sounds younger or "different" than the Willie Brown from "Future Blues" but who knows?
September 25, 1929 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN; Kid Bailey, voc, g; unknown g
Mississippi Bottom Blues (M-209/10)   
Rowdy Blues (M-211)
Brunswick 7114
Reference Works
B&GR, 4th ed, Dixon, Godrich & Rye
Stefan Wirz American Music Website

Randy Meadows:
I have been curious about a listing for 4782 A4 for a long time now.
It seems to be more Willie Brown from 1941 LOC session.

It is a 23 second clip of Instrumental guitar labeled
(4782 A4) (Test- poss. Willie Brown)
Directly following Uncle Sam Done Called.

I received a copy of it TODAY from LOC.
I am thankful to finally hear it.

Wow, that is a great find, Randy. Does it sound like Willie Brown?

Randy Meadows:
Yes. Check RBF .

Thanks. What is the RBF?


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