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Congrats to Weenie Gary Davis, named Humanitarian of the Year last week

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Congratulations to blues camper Gary Davis, who was named humanitarian of the year by the California School Employees Association while he was away at camp last week:

"The William P. Schwartz Humanitarian of the Year recognition went to Gary Davis of Sunnyvale"


uncle bud:
Not hard to believe that one. Congrats Gary!

Very cool, it was good to see Gary after so many years being absent from the workshop. Through our conversations I got the clear impression that he is really dedicated to the kids that he serves in his capacity in the school system.

I don't have his email address, so please pass on my congratulations!


Congrats Gary - it was great to see back again this year.  As UB says, no surprise, Gary is a very generous and giving guy!

His email address is

removed - see below

I hope he isn't annoyed that I posted his news.  He is quite modest, which is why he is all the more deserving.



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