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Paul Geremia & Ernie Hawkins in NJ

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Paul Geremia & Ernie Hawkins

Saturday, January 8, 2005; 8:00 pm

Venue: Sanctuary Concerts. in Berkley Heights, NJ

Telephone: 973-376-4946

Price: $15.00

Did anybody go to this?  I was disappointed to not be able to go, but I'd like to hear any reports...  I'm sure it was great!

Yesterday, I attended the show, and then I went to Ernie Hawkins' guitar workshop the next day.

Ernie's fingerpicking is just great. One other thing that struck me at the show is how he is branching out into other styles beyond blues/ ragtime/gospel. At the Saturday night show, he played a couple of African fingerstyle pieces, including one by Jean Bosco that was just beautiful. Ernie was also selling a CD that he plays on of Celtic Christmas songs.

Paul Geremia switched between a 12 string and a Gibson J-45 in his set. He plays a lot of great, old, obscure tunes by guys like Gus Cannon & Scrapper Blackwell. Fantastic stuff.

Thanks for the report, outfidel.  I've heard Ernie do some of those African pieces - very nice!  I would really have liked to have seen them both together...  I'm sure Paul played some 12-string - did Ernie?

And was Paul playing his new Fraulini 12? Boy, I'm lookin forward to talkin' Scrapper with him at PT. I'm really interested in My Dream Blues, one of the Black Bottom McPhail numbers with Scrapper backing. It's similar to Penal Farm Blues with a very wierd descending chordal progression (the augmented chord, perhaps).
Thanks, Out, for mentioning his material.
All for now.
John C.


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