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Ladies, Gentlemen and Unkie Bud:

I have just registered for the 2012 Port Townsend Blues week. Booked and I'm bound to go. I hope that little guy Jed is on-the-ball this year.

This seems to be the best lineup of guitar instructors ever. Woo hoo!

Adjusting my meds,

Oh Yeah! I'm registered and raring to go! Can hardly wait.

I just counted on my fingers, this year is the 15 year anniversary of a casual comment that passed between a few folks at the '97 PT wrap, "hey, what's your email address? Let's keep in touch!" PT '97 was a notoriously excellent learning- and partying year, I for one will never forget it.

That foolhardy impulse to stay in touch was the genesis of what eventually evolved into, via a very circuitous route.

I will once again be boycotting Port Townsend
This year.


I'm roadtripping it this year, preparing the Hudson Super 6 as we speak.


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